Little League Hitting Drills and Secrets just released in Video Click on Picture Below

Little League Hitting Drills


Big or SMALL have your child hit BOMBS in DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Dr. Esposito and the pic and video above is my 4’10″ 80 pound son hitting a homer to help win a district championship.

I still play at 40 and for the past 22 years I have played with and against many former major and minor leaguers.

I have served as a team chiropractor for a professional baseball team and specialize in postural biomechanics for the last 16 years. To hit BOMBS you need bat speed and FORCE. I teach both.

Learn my SECRETS to hitting bombs in just days. It works INSTANTLY.

10,000 swings is not necessary to re-train the swing.


Every day I teach kids locally and NATIONALLY.

Many parents and players around the country e-mail me a 30-60 second video clip that I analyze and send a detailed report and video lesson to fix the problem.

22 years ago I had 5 D-1 baseball scholarships but with no POWER so I choose pre-med instead.

15 years ago, when my first of 5 BOYS was born I made sure they would hit for both AVERAGE and POWER.

I bought and studied countless video and books and combined it my biomechanics specialty to come up with a PROVEN and INSTANT successful system.
My students hit bombs.

NOW YOUR KIDS CAN HIT BOMBS IN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dr. E's Hitting book

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